What’s more important than political freedom and human flourishing?


And what’s more essential to the advancement of those values than rational philosophy?


That’s why we’ve chosen “Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing” as the theme for TOS-Con 2018.

“But,” you might be wondering, “given my age and level of knowledge, is this conference for me?”

So let me say a few words about that.

Our top-notch speakers and power-packed lectures were selected specifically to ensure that everyone interested in freedom and flourishing will profit. So, whether you’re relatively new to rational philosophy or well acquainted with the field, you’ll find great value at TOS-Con.

If you’re new to the ideas, you’ll learn them in a highly concretized, practice-oriented manner—which is the only truly effective way to grasp ideas and put them to use in your life.

If you’re already familiar with the ideas, you’ll deepen your understanding and strengthen your ability to thrive. You’ll also greatly improve your communication skills and become more articulate and more persuasive in advocating the ideas you hold dear.

Here’s an indication of what’s in store and how you’ll benefit:

  • Philosopher Alex Epstein will unveil his “Human Flourishing Project” and detail his “Keys to Communicating with Clarity and Impact.” You’ll not only get to hear Epstein up close and personal; you’ll also be able to interact with him, ask him questions, and see how this master communicator operates in real life.
  • Philosopher Carrie-Ann Biondi will elucidate the ideas of “Aristotle and Ayn Rand on Flourishing.” You’ll make new and powerfully life-enhancing integrations about these great philosophers. Dr. Biondi has personally translated Aristotle’s works and has discovered previously unknown and vital similarities among his and Rand’s ideas.
  • Economist Richard Salsman will highlight and elaborate crucial, mind-expanding similarities in the ideas of Jean-Baptiste Say and Ayn Rand. Here you’ll achieve a massive integration of philosophy and economics, which will enable you to think more clearly, to pursue values more passionately, and to defend freedom more effectively.
  • Legendary entertainer Robin Field will delight us with an evening of piano, poetry, and song, as only he can. Plus, Mr. Field will occasionally take to the piano in our conference attendees’ private lounge for some impromptu fun.

Again, that’s just an indication. TOS-Con 2018 is jam-packed with such gems. So, whatever your age or level of knowledge, this conference is for you.

Check out the full program here, and reserve your spot today!

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