In the first and second parts of this series, I discussed eight TOS-Con 2019 speakers and why listening to and engaging with them will improve your life. I’ll continue here with three more.

Achieving and maintaining mind-body integration is essential to flourishing. Toward that end, I invited Chad Morris to speak at the conference because he understands the importance of physical fitness and the complexities involved in designing and implementing an exercise program that is appropriate to your personal context.

Chad owns and runs a highly successful business, Myogenics Fitness, which is dedicated to helping people get and stay fit. His TOS-Con talk, “Basic Principles and Pitfalls of Fitness Training,” will help you to understand the basics in this vital sphere so that you can maximize your health in accordance with your goals, and live a long and happy life. You body matters. Chad will help you mind it.

I invited Robin Field to speak and perform because he’s not only a phenomenal composer and entertainer; he’s also a brilliant philosopher in his own right. Robin’s philosophic oratorio, Reason in Rhyme, is (to my knowledge) the only history of philosophy ever put to poetry and song. It is also a masterpiece. (Watch it here.)

Robin performed last year, at TOS-Con 2018, to everyone’s delight. And this year, his all-new lecture & performance, “How Music Conveys Meaning,” is sure to enlighten and delight us all again. Be in the room for this. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

I invited Richard Salsman to speak because in addition to being a captivating and entertaining speaker, he has a deep and broad understanding of the relationships between politics, economics, and morality. He’s also one of the most passionate advocates of moral justice on the planet.

Immersed as he is in the academic environment at Duke University, where he teaches in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program, Richard is intimately familiar with the kinds of arguments being put forth today in support of so-called “democratic socialism.” His talk, “‘Democratic Socialism’: The Whitewashing of Evil,” will provide you with the essential tools you need to effectively oppose the resurgence of this vile, unjust, anti-life ideology.

I’ll continue this roundup of TOS-Con 2019’s speakers in Part 4.

In the meantime, if you’ve not yet done so, be sure to reserve your spot at the most life-enhancing conference of the year.

Sharpen your mind. Fuel your soul. Excel in life. Fight for liberty.

If these are your goals, this conference is for you.

See you in Park City!

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