“I’m mostly excited about interacting with people,” Alex Epstein explained in a recent interview regarding TOS-Con 2018.

I get to speak a lot. But some of the more interesting conversations I have are when people come to my talks and we can speak about the subject afterward.

When I’m coming up with a talk, I’m taking something that I’ve thought about a lot and crafting it for a particular situation and a particular audience to make a particular point. So it’s a really good jumping off point for discussion.

These are universally interesting issues—particularly The Human Flourishing Project—and people have lots of experiences from their own fields to share. So, for me, the most exciting part will be interacting with those who attend.

Alex highlights one of the many reasons that TOS-Con 2018: Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing will be so profoundly life-enhancing.

It’s one thing to listen to deeply knowledgeable and passionate experts deliver prepared talks. It’s quite another to engage with them afterward, to dive deep in discussion, explore new ideas, new possibilities, futures you might create.

In addition to interacting with Alex, TOS-Con attendees will interact with all of the speakers and performers in our remarkable lineup. You’ll engage with:

  • Robert Begley, founder and president of the New York Heroes Society. Robert’s presentation (in full dress, no less!) is on “Alexander Hamilton: Freedom Fighter or Statist?”—and he’s eager to discuss this question and related historical matters in depth.
  • Andrew Bernstein, philosopher (and “kid from the Bronx”), will speak on “Independence Versus Collectivism in Ayn Rand’s Novels.” Andy is never more passionate or eager to engage than when people want to discuss themes, heroes, or villains in great fiction.
  • Jim Brown, CEO of the Ayn Rand Institute, finance expert, and Harvard MBA, will discuss “Intellectual Activism for Fun and Profit.” For all his knowledge, success, and expert advice, Jim is one of the most laid back, easy going, friendly people you’ll ever meet. Speaking with him amounts to learning while having fun.
  • Carrie-Ann Biondi, philosopher and Aristotle specialist, will examine the ideas of “Aristotle and Ayn Rand on Flourishing.” You may know that Aristotle and Rand have certain ideas in common—and you might already have gained some life-enhancing value from their philosophies—but when you engage with Carrie-Ann on this subject, your understanding will deepen and broaden rapidly.
  • Derek Magill, education entrepreneur and marketing strategist, will discuss “How to Build a Career and Life around Things You Love” and “How to Create a Professional Online Presence.” Derek not only teaches this stuff at Praxis (the cutting edge of practical education)—he lives it in vivid color. Speaking with him for just a few minutes can improve your life forever.
  • Richard Salsman, economist, professor, and author will examine vital integrations in “Jean-Baptiste Say, Ayn Rand, and Objective Economics.” You might know something about Say, Rand, and economics, but when you engage with Richard on this subject, you will make new and profoundly powerful integrations—integrations that will enable you to pursue your values more successfully and to defend freedom more effectively.
  • Timothy Sandefur, vice president of litigation at the Goldwater Institute and author (most recently) of Frederick Douglass: Self-Made Man, will speak on “Frederick Douglass and ‘The Philosophy of Self-Made Men.’” The inspiring nature of Douglass’s life story and the power of his personal philosophy are remarkable. Timothy’s knowledge of Douglass and his philosophy is second to none. Discussing these and related ideas with Tim will advance your understanding of what it means to live a fully human life.
  • David Veksler, director of marketing and technology at the Foundation for Economic Education and successful entrepreneur of many stripes, will present “Radical Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom.” David’s personal experience and creativity in this area will help you to understand earning power and savings in a whole new light. David loves talking about ways to make more money, and engaging with him on this subject could help you to improve your financial situation substantially.
  • David Crawford, who has competed at Lindy Hop events around the world and taught dance in New York City, will teach a “Beginner Lindy Hop Workshop” guaranteed to have you dancing while smiling at your partner in short order. David is eager to share his skills and love of Lindy apart from the workshop as well. TOS-Con has a private lounge in the Hilton for just this kind of thing. A few minutes here or there with David will up your game on the dance floor big-time.
  • Robin Field, entertainer, singer, and composer extraordinaire, will present an evening of piano, poetry, and original music entitled “Sing Your Own Song.” But that’s not all! At one end of TOS-Con’s private lounge will be a piano. You’ll find Robin there on occasion, ready to chat about music or philosophy, or play and sing for you and whoever gathers around.

And, of course, I’ll be speaking on “Freedom and Flourishing as Matters of Science” as well as on “The Secular Source and Nature of Rights”—and I’m always eager to discuss these or related ideas.

So, come to TOS-Con 2018 ready for interaction! This is what the conference is all about—because this is how you can deepen and broaden your knowledge, build high-caliber relationships, learn to fight for liberty on solid ground, and make your life the best it can be.

I look forward to seeing—and engaging with you—at the most life-enhancing conference of the year.

Register now to secure your spot.

And feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about the conference. —Craig Biddle

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