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To the Editor:

Thanks for your article “The Passion of Socialists,” which explains why advocates of socialism express their beliefs with passion and conviction, whereas advocates of capitalism often seem weak and uncertain. I agree that their differences in conviction and passion can be explained by the widespread acceptance of the false ethics of altruism, primarily caused by the unrelenting and accelerating indoctrination of American youth over the past century. I believe that we have an urgent need to correct this sad state of affairs, and I’ve found that there is a straightforward and effective strategy toward that end.

By advocating the false moral ideas that so many Americans unquestioningly accept as valid, “Progressives” and fellow travelers invariably appear to have the moral high ground in political debate. Rarely does anyone publicly challenge their evil moral code: altruism. Instead, would-be defenders of capitalism typically counter the “Progressives” with economic arguments. Although such arguments are valid, they are not moral arguments. And, in political discourse, moral arguments usually trump all others. . . .

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