“When I say that this conference changed my life, empowered me to be more optimistic and hard-working, and inspired me to delve deeper into this philosophy and always be active-minded, I mean it!” —Leisa (TOS-Con 2018 attendee)

The lecture and performance descriptions for TOS-Con 2019: Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing have been posted.

Visit the website for details—and be sure to take advantage of our steeply discounted early-bird pricing. (Prices increase on March 15.)

Here’s an indication of what’s in store:

Keys to Intellectual Independence: Your Basic Means of Thriving
Craig Biddle

Enrich Your Life with Poetry
Lisa VanDamme

How to Lead an Enlightenment Life in an Anti-Enlightenment World
Timothy Sandefur

Cinema for the Soul
Mark Pellegrino

The Trader Principle and the Harmony of Rational Values
Andrew Bernstein

Beginner Lindy Hop Workshop
David Crawford

How to Create a Career that Makes You Come Alive
Isaac Morehouse

Optimism in the Visual Arts
Bryan Larsen

Basic Principles and Pitfalls of Fitness Training
Chad Morris

The Morality of More: How Advertising Inspires Us to Be More Productive, Make More Money, and Achieve More Happiness
Tim Chermak

How Music Conveys Meaning (Lecture & Performance)
Robin Field

The Human-Flourishing Framework: A Powerful Tool for Clear Thinking
Alex Epstein

“Democratic Socialism”: The Whitewashing of Evil
Richard Salsman

John Locke: The Father of Liberalism
Jon Hersey

When Technology Meets Philosophy
Tal Tsfany

Purpose X: A Tool for Understanding Objectivism and Using It to Thrive
Craig Biddle

Join us in Park City, Utah, August 7–10, for the most life-enhancing conference of the year.

And let your friends know about the event—they’ll be glad you did.

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