I’m delighted to announce the winners of two sets of student and young adult scholarships to TOS-Con 2019: Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing:

    • “Think, Strive, Thrive” scholarships (for 18- to 29-year-olds)
    • “Liberty & Prosperity” scholarships (specific to FEEcon participants)

These generous scholarships have been provided by Carl Barney’s Prometheus Foundation and the Objectivist Venture Fund, and I extend a huge thank-you to Carl for making them available.

The scholarships cover travel expenses (up to $600), hotel accommodations, and tickets to the opening and closing banquets. Winners pay only their registration fee, which is just $90 for students, $190 for young adults.

The applicants answered two questions:

    1. Why do you want to attend TOS-Con 2019? And
    2. Which two presentations are you most excited to attend, and why?

Scholarships were awarded to those whose answers expressed an understanding of the importance of ideas in human life and an eagerness to learn about and apply philosophy for freedom and flourishing.

The winners are . . .

“Think, Strive, Thrive” Scholarship Winners

Adebanjo Oluseyi
Aleksandra Skica
Ana Lasica
Anna Brumley
Audie Alger
Caitlyn Scheel
Celeste Hook
Charlie Gers
Chetan Bafna
Elliott Hill
Eran Boodnero
Nixon Sucuc Roquel
Özgür Özer
Rachel Lowrie
Randy Vollrath
Robert Holland
Robert Jackowski
Estanislao Benitez
Felipe Santacruz
Hannah Hart
Holly Keesee
Huzefa Siamwala
James Biller
James Paek
Jarveir Rodríguez Lozano

John Sorensen
Jordan Moran
Juan Navarro
Samuel Thompson
Sam Weaver
Savanna Kibble
Scott Camuto
Stephen Paplinski
Talmage Tyler
Julian Hook
Kelsie Rose
Leora Bernard
Liz Marklin
Lolita Allgyer
Luel Emishaw
Manuel Paz
Matthew Tobias
Naresh Manda
Natalija Drekalović
Nicholas Rosado
Thomas Boyle
Thomas Wiegand
Valentina Lopez Alvis
William Nauenburg
Zena Matthews
Zineb Laalj


“Liberty & Prosperity” Scholarship Winners

Amanda Jones
Aravinda Karunaratne
Blake Elam
Cecilia Valdez Habis
Crew Froebel
Dayana Vinces
Elliot Crary
Graham Staman
Jason Huang

Jed Mahrle
Karen Cabrera
Katherine Glader
Kevin Rasmussen
Kyle Jones
Lucas Sampaio
Nicholas Arl
Ronnie Lopez Jr
Samantha Clarkson


Congratulations to all of these winners!

Also, please note: A third and final round of scholarships is now available!

Students and young adults age 18 to 29 can apply for a “Friends of Ayn Rand” scholarship to TOS-Con 2019—but hurry, as the deadline for applications is this Tuesday, July 2, at 11:59 PM.

Like the TST and LP scholarships, FAR scholarships include:

    • Travel expenses (up to $600)
    • Hotel accommodations (4 nights)
    • Tickets to the opening and closing banquets & dance

Applying is quick and easy. Simply answer these two questions:

    1. Why do you want to attend TOS-Con 2019?
    2. Which two presentations are you most excited to attend, and why?

And email your answers (300 words max.) to Scholarships@TheObjectiveStandard.com with the subject line “FAR scholarship.” That’s it!

Again, the deadline for applications is this Tuesday at 11:59 PM—so apply now and/or share this information with anyone who might be interested. (Recipients will be announced on July 11.)

Sharpen your mind. Fuel your soul. Excel in life. Fight for liberty.

If those are your goals, TOS-Con is for you!

I hope to see you in Park City, Utah, for the most life-enhancing conference of the year!

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