If you are a student or young adult, aged 18 to 29, you’re eligible to apply for a “Think, Strive, Thrive” scholarship (worth $1,055) to attend TOS-Con 2019: Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing.

Scholarships include:

      • Travel expenses (up to $600)
      • Hotel accommodations
      • Tickets to the opening and closing banquets & dance

With a TST scholarship, you pay only the conference registration fee, which is $90 for students and $190 for young adults (aged 29 or under).

Applying for a TST scholarship is quick & easy:

Simply answer these two questions—either in writing or in a short video:

      1. Why do you want to attend TOS-Con 2019?
      2. Which two presentations are you most excited to attend, and why?

Written submissions should be no longer than 300 words total. Video submissions should be no longer than one minute total.

Email your submission to [email protected] with the subject line “TST scholarship.”

That’s it!

Deadline for applications is June 10. (Scholarship winners will be announced on June 15.)

Apply now for priority consideration!

See the full program at TOS-Con.Com. And be sure to join TOS-Con’s Facebook group, where you can meet speakers and attendees, query for roommates or travel companions, learn about attractions in Park City, and make social plans.

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