Craig and Sarah Biddle will be leading a breakout session at TOS-Con 2019 titled, “Parenting With the Principle of Volition.” Here’s an indication of what’s in store:

As parents or future parents, we want our children to live wonderful, purposeful, happy lives. As philosophically astute parents, we know that our child’s mind is his basic means of living and loving life. We also know that his mind works by means of choice. Hence the difficulty of parenting. In order to learn how to use his mind, a child must be free to make choices and to experience the consequences of his choices—both positive and negative.

How can we most effectively foster independent thinking and rational decision making? What about when our child makes choices that we know are not in his best interest? How should we deal with such circumstances? Where should draw the line? What principles govern these matters?

Craig and Sarah Biddle will discuss their thoughts on and experiences in raising a child with freedom to make her own choices about everything. (Recommended reading in advance of the discussion: “How To Raise a Life-Loving Child” and “Objectivism and Parenting.”)

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We want our children to live wonderful, happy lives. How can we help them to become independent thinkers and rational decision makers so they will?
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