Although the government has not yet fully rolled out ObamaCare, the immensely rights-violating law has already caused severe problems. Consider just a few:

  • ObamaCare has caused health insurance rates around the country to skyrocket, as evidenced by the many people—including leftists—who are complaining about the fact. For example, after seeing his and his wife’s health insurance premiums nearly double, a blogger at Daily Kos wrote, “I am canceling insurance for us and I am not paying any f**king penalty. What the hell kind of reform is this?” Likewise, a supporter of ObamaCare said, “Of course, I want people to have health care; I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally” through higher premiums.
  • Because of the onerous regulations inflicted by ObamaCare, hundreds of employers and insurance providers have requested waivers to exempt themselves from aspects of the law. Complete Colorado cites numerous organizations requesting waivers, including Carpenters H&W Philadelphia and the Adecco Group, who say that, unless they receive waivers, they will have to impose higher insurance costs or cut services.
  • The grand opening of ObamaCare’s online “health insurance exchanges” was a technical disaster. USA Today reports, “Websites crashed, refused to load, or offered bizarre and incomprehensible choices. . . . [E]arly reports continued to suggest an epic screw-up.” As of October 14, 226 people in Colorado (to take just one example) had enrolled in the exchange—for a promotion cost of $21 million in the state.
  • The documents detailing the massive web of regulations under ObamaCare have exploded to nearly twelve million words spanning more than ten thousand pages, CNS News reports—and this is on top of the “381,517 words in the Obamacare law itself.” Obviously no human being could possibly comprehend or follow such a body of legalese. But here we have it. It’s the law.

These are merely a few indications of the massive rights-violating mess that is ObamaCare.

No one should be surprised by any of this, though. Such is the nature of a government program that systematically violates the rights of individuals and businesses to contract freely and to control their own wealth.

“What the hell kind of reform is this?” It’s the kind that Americans asked for when they elected a president and representatives who promised to deliver it.

Hopefully, the pain and suffering caused by ObamaCare will provide Americans with incentive to think about political causes and consequences in the future. A citizenry gets what it asks for.

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Creative Commons Image: Geoff Livingston

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