Joshua LipanaI spoke with Joshua yesterday, and there is some good news. He has had three sessions of chemotherapy in the past several days, and his doctors say the treatments have killed a substantial amount of the leukemia. They are, however, concerned that a lot of the cancer is still “hiding” in Joshua’s bone marrow, so he will need many more treatments in the weeks to come.

The chemo he is currently receiving is a relatively mild formula because his heart is weak due to various complications over the past few weeks (pneumonia, edema, deep vein thrombosis, etc.). As his health with respect to those complications improves, his doctors will increase the strength of the chemo meds and hopefully kill all of the leukemia over time.

The cost for Joshua’s hospital stay and treatments since he checked into St. Luke’s has been about $2,400 per day. So, although we have raised about $18,000 since the cancer relapsed, that money has been spent and we need to raise much more.

If you’ve not yet donated to help Joshua fight leukemia, please consider making a donation today. If you’ve already donated, please consider contributing again. Even small donations help.

You can contribute via Joshua's GoFundMe campaign or PayPal or check. And if you donate $25 or more and would like some cookies for your generosity, just let Brittney and Ashley know, and they’ll send you a box of their homemade goodies.

Thank you for your consideration. —Craig Biddle

P.S. for those who are unfamiliar with Joshua and his situation, see this post and the links in the first paragraph thereof.

In short, Joshua is a young and very talented freedom fighter who lives in the Philippines and is an assistant editor of TOS Blog. He was diagnosed with cancer in June 2012, at the age of 20, and is now fighting for his life. You can read his writings here and here. In reading his works, you'll see that a donation to help him beat cancer is an investment in your future.

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