I'm pleased to announce three new TOS subscription options and a substantially reduced price on our online-only subscriptions.

The new subscription formats are audio, e-book, and premium. The Audio subscription (which includes access to the website or HTML edition) provides MP3 versions of TOS articles and reviews that can be downloaded to and played on your computer and a wide variety of audio devices. This enables you to enjoy TOS articles while driving to work, exercising at the gym, strolling on the beach, or the like.

The E-book subscription includes access to both EPUB and PDF versions of the journal (as well as the website edition). The EPUB version offers reflowable, resizable text and works with a variety of devices including laptop and desktop computers, the Apple iPad, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and the Sony Reader. The PDF version is a digital replica of the print journal, which can be viewed on all the aforementioned devices plus the Amazon Kindle. (Kindle subscriptions are available separately as well.) The E-book subscription provides you with highly flexible mobile access to TOS articles.

The Premium subscription includes all of our subscription products—print, audio, e-book, and website—enabling you to read or listen to articles practically anywhere and anytime.

Finally, the price of our Online Only subscription has been reduced from $49 to $29, enabling almost anyone to subscribe to the rational alternative to liberalism and conservatism.

Full descriptions and pricing for all options can be found on the subscriptions page.


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