In August 2018, I posted an announcement that The Objective Standard and the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) had resumed cooperation. But it turned out that some at ARI were disingenuous about the agreement, so the rapprochement fell through.

I’ve refrained from discussing this publicly because doing so would have required an inordinate amount of time that I would rather put toward creating value and loving life.

Fortunately, Carl Barney has laid out many of the relevant facts in his recent article, “The Truth about Craig Biddle vs. Smears by Some at ARI.”

Because Carl was on the board of directors at ARI during the controversies, his context and perspective are especially illuminating. He was “in the room where it happened,” so to speak, and he has provided many relevant facts along with a clarifying chronology. As he notes, there is much more to all of this than can be included even in a lengthy article. But he lays out the essential facts necessary to make sense of the situation.

I hope you find his article helpful in understanding this unfortunate series of events.

Thank you for writing this, Carl. I knew the truth would eventually come out. And I’m glad that it has done so through your clear perspective and even hand.

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