I’m honored to announce that I’ve accepted the position of executive director of Carl Barney’s Prometheus Foundation. (See Carl’s announcement here.)

Prometheus Foundation—previously the Objectivist Venture Fund and, prior to that, simply Carl’s personal trust—has been supporting organizations and individuals who promote Ayn Rand and advance Objectivism for more than thirty years. The foundation has contributed more than $40 million to various intellectuals and ventures, and it aims to contribute far more than that in the coming years.

I’ve served on the board of directors of Prometheus Foundation for the past year and on its awards committee for the past eighteen months. During this time, I’ve heard one refrain from Carl: “I want to vigorously promote Ayn Rand and advance Objectivism—I do not want to waste money.” He calls this “the gas” and “the brakes.” My job is to drive Prometheus accordingly, upholding the Founder’s Intent and the Foundation’s Charter, which spell out details of this aim.

I will continue as editor in chief of The Objective Standard, apportioning my time accordingly. And TOS will continue expanding and improving as always—but more so.

My position at Prometheus will augment and harmonize with my position at TOS. Through the former, I will engage with Objectivist intellectuals and entrepreneurs from across the globe, giving them access to substantial resources and networks for advancing our ideas. Through the latter, I will engage with top Objectivist writers, producing and disseminating the best essays and commentary from an Objectivist perspective.

If you have ideas about how to promote Ayn Rand and advance Objectivism, if you’d like to bring those ideas to fruition, and if you’re the kind of person who follows through and gets things done, then Prometheus Foundation may be interested in funding your project.

For more information or to apply for a scholarship or grant, visit the Foundation’s website. (The current website is wanting and will be replaced with a beautiful, user-friendly design in the coming weeks. But the application forms work—so don’t hesitate to use them now!)

I want to thank Carl Barney and the board of directors of Prometheus Foundation for entrusting me with this vital work. I look forward to directing the Foundation and accelerating the advancement Objectivism.

Addendum, November 26, 2019: I’m happy to announce that Annie Vinther Sanz has joined Prometheus Foundation, too, as director of operations. See Carl Barney’s announcement about this here. See Annie’s announcement here. And see my announcement and comments here and here. Welcome to Prometheus, Annie!

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