Here are a few important announcements about TOS-Con—which is less than a month away!

1. Due to a change in filming dates for a TV series, Mark Pellegrino has had to bow out of the conference. Although we’re sad that he can’t make it to TOS-Con this year, we wish him great success with the series, and we hope he will join the roster for TOS-Con 2020.

2. Producer Patrick Reasonover is stepping in to discuss “Cinema for the Soul”—plus, Patrick will lead a separate workshop on how to get started producing short films.

Patrick is co-founder and president of Taliesin Nexus, which has produced more than thirty short films. He personally produced the award-winning documentary Of Dogs and Men and is finishing production of They Say It Can’t Be Done, a documentary about the impact of regulations on innovation, which will be released in fall 2019. Patrick is eager to work with attendees who want to get rolling in film.

Here’s the description of his workshop:

Hollywood Kickstart

In this interactive session, participants will work in groups as mini studios, following the Hollywood development process to generate film concepts on themes relating to freedom and flourishing. With guidance from LA-based producer Patrick Reasonover, participants will learn how to generate a clear theme and begin developing a compelling story. The session will focus on integrating theme and narrative at the earliest stages of an idea. Group leaders will have the opportunity to stand up and pitch their ideas to the room. This training is a taste of a full content generation and distribution consulting program that Patrick developed and has run at more than seventy liberty-promoting organizations around the world. Come learn how to leverage film in advancing your values!

3. Because TOS-Con attendance is increasing rapidly, we renegotiated with the DoubleTree hotel and have extended the deadline for discounted pricing on hotel rooms to July 15.

If you’ve not yet booked your room, please do so now to ensure that you receive our discounted rate. (Scholarship winners: You do not need to book your room, as Sarah is taking care of that for you.)

To get the discounted rate of $139 per night, use this special TOS-Con page or call (855) 537-5305 and ask for the TOS-Con rate.

4. If you’ve not yet registered for TOS-Con, what are you waiting for? This conference will be three soul-fueling days of intellectual growth, social engagement, and all-out fun!

Sharpen your mind. Fuel your soul. Excel in life. Fight for liberty.

If these are your goals, this conference is for you.

See you in Park City!

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