2011-fall-lgWith Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate, Americans are more curious than ever about Ayn Rand’s ideas and what they mean in practice. This is a golden opportunity to accelerate the spread of Rand’s ideas, and TOS is a vital means to that end.

While many pundits and media outlets are doing everything they can to distort Rand’s ideas, TOS provides a constant stream of articles and blog posts showing the real meaning of her ideas as applied to the events and concerns of the day.

Currently, TOS articles and blog posts are read by 25,000 people each month. We are proud of this number, which is more than twice our readership of this time last year. But we want to reach more minds—many more minds. As just a short-term goal, we aim to double our readership again by the end of 2012. With your help, we think we can.

Here are a few specific actions you can take to help:

  • When you see Ayn Rand’s ideas mentioned on the Web in conjunction with current events—especially in major media such as the New York Times, Forbes, or the Wall Street Journal—leave comments linking to related TOS articles and blog posts. (Article topics can be found in the left-hand column of our website, blog topics in the right-hand column of the blog.)
  • Join TOS on Facebook and Twitter, and share and re-tweet our posts with your friends and followers.
  • Tell your friends about our quarterly and suggest that they subscribe.
  • Ask your university or alma mater to subscribe.
  • Give gift subscriptions to friends, relatives, and libraries.
  • Make a donation, or set up a monthly donation, to help fund our vital expansion.

The future is ours—if we fight for it. And fighting for it is all we do at TOS. Please do what you can to help us reach more minds.

Thank you,
Craig Biddle

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