Enjoying what you do for work is vitally important to a flourishing life, so I was ecstatic when I heard that Isaac Morehouse will be joining us for TOS-Con 2019: Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing.

Isaac is CEO of Crash, a career launch platform, and he’ll be speaking on “How to Crpeate a Career that Makes You Come Alive.” I couldn’t wait to hear his thoughts on this subject, so I asked him for a preview. Here’s part of our conversation.

Jon: What’s one mistake that keeps many people from pursuing a career they love?

Isaac: “I have to.” Those three words are killers. People do all kinds of stuff they hate because they think they have to. “I have to go to college,” “I have to go into debt,” “I have to live in this city.”

In reality, you are free. Everything is a choice, and when you own that and examine what you want, and the costs and benefits of ways to get it, the world opens up. You don’t have to do anything.

Jon: How do you find a career that makes you come alive?

Isaac: A big breakthrough for me to creating (not finding!) a career that makes me come alive was this: stop trying to find it. What I mean is that, early on, you just don’t have enough information to think your way to a target ideal career. Instead, if you go the opposite route and just don’t do stuff you hate, everything else is fair game. You’ll learn from experience, and the list of stuff you hate will grow, and what you choose will narrow down to a range of stuff you truly love.

Jon: What do you most enjoy about helping people find fulfilling careers?

Isaac: What’s not to love? Every day, I have two goals: make myself a little more free than the day before, and help bring a little more freedom to the world than when the day began. I can’t control what happens in the world as a whole, but if I can create value for one other individual by helping them do less of what they hate and more of what they love, my work is done. Nothing feels better than a job well done!

That’s just a taste of the powerful, life-enhancing wisdom that Isaac will share at TOS-Con.

Want more? Register today while tickets are still 20 to 50% off. But hurry—early-bird pricing ends at midnight Pacific time!

See you in Park City!

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