Dear Friend of TOS,

As The Objective Standard wraps up its tenth year of operations, I’m writing to ask for your help in fighting for your values.

TOS publishes a constant stream of articles applying the principles of Objectivism to the issues of the day. We show broadly and deeply how reason applies to the requirements of life, liberty, and happiness—and how various forms of unreason (religion, pragmatism, relativism, etc.) harm or destroy these values. And TOS is the only publication on the planet that does so.

Only TOS publishes such a wide range of in-depth articles as:

  • Individualism vs. Collectivism: Our Future, Our Choice
  • Reason or Faith: The Republican Alternative
  • Ten Steps to End Jihad Against the West
  • Aristotle Versus Religion
  • Purpose, Value Hierarchies, and Happiness
  • Economics in Atlas Shrugged
  • Education in a Free Society
  • The Hierarchy of Knowledge: The Most Neglected Issue in Education
  • Libertarianism vs. Radical Capitalism
  • The Evil of Whitewashing Islam
  • The End of Central Banking
  • Ayn Rand’s Theory of Rights: The Moral Foundation of a Free Society
  • The Creed of Sacrifice vs. The Land of Liberty
  • Religion Versus Morality
  • The New Testament Versus the American Revolution
  • The Educational Bonanza in Privatizing Government Schools
  • How to Raise a Life-Loving Child

And that’s just a brief indication. We’ve produced a steady stream of such articles year in and year out for a solid decade.

Who is reading our articles? People of all ages and walks of life are—but, most importantly, we are reaching college students and young adults.

In one form or another (via subscription or periodical index), The Objective Standard is in more than 800 college libraries, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, and many other top universities. The journal is on more than 700 newsstands across North America, including Barnes & Noble, Chapters-Indigo, and various smaller outlets. Our social media pages have more than 56,000 followers, who regularly read and share our posts and links. And our website now draws more than 63,000 unique visitors per month—that’s a 30 percent increase over our website traffic a year ago.

What do readers get from our articles? Here are a few unsolicited indications:

“TOS’s articles are clear as water, well structured, and very, very deep. You are giving us intellectual tools to fight the battle for freedom. Please know that you are helping readers all around the world.” —Eduardo M.

The Objective Standard is a fountain of clarity in an otherwise murky world.” —Martin S.

“Your article ‘Capitalism and the Moral High Ground’ was a life-changing read for me. Thanks so much!” —Lok S.

The Objective Standard represents the best of Objectivism: an undiluted commitment to reason, communicated with a rational temper and benevolence.” —Carl H.

“What a thrill to read clear integrations of Objectivism with all of the subjects I love from History to Education to Physics. The Objective Standard is the finest Objectivist periodical since the Ayn Rand Letter both in range and in clarity.” —Tom R.

“Outstanding. I’ve shared [‘Ten Steps to End Jihad Against the West’] on my own timeline, and those of about 10 relevant groups to which I belong, with the recommendation that readers share it further.” —Mark W.

“I recommend The Standard to anyone even slightly interested. It has the power to change lives. I especially recommend it to young people.” —Becky M.

“While all of the articles help me to integrate Objectivism into my life, most recently my wife and I found ‘How to Raise a Life-Loving Child’ exceptionally helpful. While we often know what is best for our two-year-old daughter, sometimes the best course isn't so clear. I love the ‘the master question’ as a tool for achieving this purpose.” —Dan B.

“Thank you so much for the article ‘Libertarianism vs. Radical Capitalism’! I have been a fan of Ayn Rand’s work since first reading The Fountainhead in my AP English class 12 years ago. Since then, I have been reading more and more of her work and seeking those who appreciate similar ideas. This article has helped me focus my personal studies and understand how best to promote these important ideas. I truly understand now why our battle is not political in nature, but moral. Education is key!” —Tarsha W.

We receive such feedback regularly. The Objective Standard is reaching and moving minds.

But, like many intellectual journals and magazines, TOS’s sales revenues do not cover its expenses. In order to continue our work, we need help from supporters who see the value of what we do. Just as National Review relies on donations from conservatives, just as Democracy Journal relies on donations from socialists, and just as Reason magazine relies on donations from libertarians—so too The Objective Standard relies on contributions from people like you, who see the importance of a publication that elucidates and applies the principles of Objectivism.

Please contribute as generously as you can today. If you’ve already made a contribution in 2015, please consider making an additional year-end donation. Your support will help us reach and move even more minds in 2016.

Thank you for your consideration. And warm wishes to you and your loved ones for a productive and prosperous 2016.

Craig Biddle

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