“Israeli occupation” is on the lips of everyone from Hamas militants to Harvard students, European protestors to American politicians. It is perhaps the most cited cause for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and some even consider it a moral justification for the shocking brutality that Hamas unleashed on Israeli civilians on October 7. Ten days after the attack, New York state Senator Julia Salazar wrote that “Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza jeopardizes the safety of every person in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The systematic subjugation of Palestinians is the ultimate source of the existential dread that defines daily life for Israelis and Palestinians.”1 Human Rights Watch states, “Fifty years after Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip, it controls these areas through repression, institutionalized discrimination, and systematic abuses of the Palestinian population’s rights.”2 So what exactly does “Israeli occupation” mean?

Implicit in the phrase, and often explicit in arguments that invoke it, is the idea that Palestinians have certain rights, which the Israeli government and/or Israeli civilians violate via “occupation.” Of course, Palestinians, like all human beings, have rights. The principle of individual rights holds that all people have the moral prerogative to act on their own judgment to live as they see fit, so long as they don’t violate the equal rights of others. (A person’s rights are violated when others initiate force against him, and rights are protected when a government prohibits the initiation of force against people.)

It’s also true that we should evaluate governments by the extent to which they violate or protect individual rights. To the extent that any government violates rights, it should be condemned. This goes for Israel’s government, as well as for Hamas (which governs Gaza) and the Palestinian Authority (which governs parts of the West Bank).

With this standard of individual rights in mind, we can address the question: What is “Israeli occupation” and in what way, if any, does it violate rights? . . .


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