Join Craig Biddle, Timothy Sandefur, Jon Hersey and our friends from Students For Liberty at their flagship annual conference in Washington, D.C.! LibertyCon takes place April 3–5, 2020, at The Marriott Marquis.

Craig Biddle will speak on “Ayn Rand’s Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing” and will host breakout sessions on “Ayn Rand’s Theory of Rights” and “The Trinity of Liberty.” Timothy Sandefur and David Friedman will debate the question “Is Government Necessary?” And Jon Hersey will host breakout sessions on “John Locke, Ayn Rand, and the Future of the Enlightenment,” as well as “How to Write Effectively in Defense of Liberty.”

Other speakers include experts from business, academia, public policy, tech, law, and journalism, including Forbes Media editor in chief Steve Forbes, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, and Congressman Justin Amash.

LibertyCon is a great place to discuss liberty with others who want to defend it and to debate the best ways to do so. It’s also a great place to expand your professional network, explore career opportunities, and connect with freedom lovers from all over the world.

Register here, and use the code Prometheus at checkout for 30% off student and adult tickets.

See you in D.C.!

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