LevelUp began in 2018 (as “TOS-Con”) in Richmond, VA, run by The Objective Standard (OSI didn’t yet exist).

The theme of the conference was “Philosophy for Freedom and Flourishing.” The tagline was: “Sharpen your mind. Fuel your soul. Excel in life. Fight for liberty.”

These have been the theme and aim of our conferences ever since—and with good reason. What could be more important than freedom, flourishing, and the ideas and actions by which to achieve them?

But our conferences have developed into something more than a place to learn about ideas for living. They’ve become a community of life-loving people—people who keep in touch and help each other live beautiful lives. Some travel together. Some work together. Some start businesses together. Some are dating. Some have gotten married.

Why? What’s so special about these events? Why do they have this effect?

Consider a few talks from our past conferences.

At TOS-Con 2018, Carrie-Ann Biondi presented Aristotle’s and Ayn Rand’s ideas on what happiness is and how to achieve it; Timothy Sandefur spoke on “Frederick Douglass and the Philosophy of Self-Made Men”; Derek Magill on “How to Build a Career and Life around Things You Love”; and David Veksler on “Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom”...

At TOS-Con 2019, I spoke on “Intellectual Independence: Your Basic Means of Thriving”; Lisa VanDamme on how to “Enrich Your Life with Poetry”; Patrick Reasonover on “Cinema for the Soul”; Andrew Bernstein on “The Trader Principle and the Harmony of Rational Values”; and Isaac Morehouse on “How to Create a Career that Makes You Come Alive”...

At TOS-Con 2021 (the first run by OSI), I spoke on “A Strategy for Thriving”; Cal Newport on “Your Superpower for Success”; Mitchell Earl on “How to Forge a Meaningful, Self-Directed Career”; and Jon Hersey on “Benjamin Franklin‘s Principles for Freedom and Flourishing”...

At TOS-Con 2022, Greg McKeown spoke on “Why and How to Do a Few Things Superbly”; Jon Wos on how Ayn Rand’s philosophy helped him succeed as an artist and thrive in life despite his crippling genetic disease; Amala Ekpunobi on her “Journey from the Regressive Left to Independent Thinking”; and Yeonmi Park on “Becoming Free, Becoming Human”...

At LevelUp 2023 (along with the new name), I spoke on “Intentionality: The Source and Power of Purpose”; James Clear on “Atomic Strategy: Why and How to Get 1% Better Every Day”; Max Lugavere on “Foods for Flourishing”; John Little on “Fitness for Flourishing”; and I wrapped up with “On Choosing a Philosophy for Loving Life.”

In addition to these (and many more) talks at each conference, there were soul-fueling events in the evenings, including dance lessons, karaoke, musical performances, moonlight canoeing, and late-night discussions galore. Attendees sharpened their minds, forged lasting relationships, and learned how to love their lives like never before.

So… What’s so special about these events? They’re about taking your life and happiness seriously. And the attendees are people who take these values seriously.

That’s why LevelUp is not only a conference, but a community of life-loving people.

And that’s why it is for you.

LevelUp 2024 is just three weeks away, June 19–22, in Atlanta, GA. It is guaranteed to be a life-changing event. (Literally guaranteed: See the PS below.)

Check out the speakers, talks, debates, panel discussions, and evening events. And be sure to sign up within 24 hours—by midnight May 31—to save 30% on registration.

LevelUp. It’s time to thrive.

See you in Atlantis!

PS: Registration is risk-free. LevelUp has a 100% money-back guarantee—so, if for any reason you can’t come or don’t enjoy the conference, we will refund your registration fee in full.

#LevelUpOSI is is not only a conference, but a community of life-loving people. #LevelUp2024 is just three weeks away. See you in Atlantis!
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