Many Taylor Swift fans have been angry at her since Ticketmaster botched its attempt to prevent scalpers from driving up the cost of tickets for her 2023 Eras Tour. As one fan put it, “Even though Ticketmaster is 99% at fault, I’m extremely disappointed in Taylor, this was so capitalistic & classist.”1 Now, some are taking to social media with fresh criticisms of the pop star. Her offense? She will soon become a billionaire.

One fan said that she was “watching Taylor Swift on her way to become a billionaire,” which means she “either has to admit there’s an ethical way to become a billionaire or stop supporting her wholeheartedly.”2 Another concluded: “Taylor Swift is about to become a billionaire because she really is first and foremost a little capitalist girlie and when we say ‘eat the rich’ we can’t forget that miss Taylor is in fact on the menu.”3


Clearly, many of the pop star’s “fans” judge her based on her involvement in capitalism’s supposed vices. It’s reasonable to be upset with Ticketmaster over the scalping fiasco. The company failed to uphold its end of the deal, causing many Swift fans to miss out on affordable tickets to her shows.

However, maligning Swift for becoming a billionaire—and criticizing capitalism, the economic system that enables people to profit from their effort and creativity—is unjust and irrational. . . .

Contra those who think it’s not possible to ethically become a billionaire, @taylorswift13 has done so by trading value for value—never resorting to force or fraud. She created that wealth, and fans upset about this “need to calm down.”
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