I’m excited to announce Objective Standard Institute’s new Internship program for people aged 18 to 29 who are interested in a career advancing the ideas on which freedom and flourishing depend.

OSI’s mission is to teach the rising generation about the importance of philosophy, the principles of Objectivism, and related ideas for living fully and advancing liberty. As part of our program, we now hire and train interns who seek careers in this sphere.

OSI internships are three to four months long and can be renewed if and when renewal suits both the intern and OSI.

What OSI Interns Do

As an OSI Intern, you will:

  • Read books and articles on philosophy and Objectivism;
  • Study the history of philosophy, focusing on major philosophic problems and proposed solutions;
  • Participate in OSI philosophy discussions;
  • Write articles elucidating or applying philosophic principles;
  • Participate in OSI editing sessions;
  • Participate in and host OSI courses and reading groups;
  • Learn OSI’s value-up approach to understanding, communicating, and teaching Objectivism;
  • Assist with research, administrative tasks, and brainstorming;
  • Get paid to think, learn, and level up in life.

OSI Interns work 12 to 15 hours per week and receive a stipend of $1,000 per month.

The work is remote for the most part, but some travel may be involved for in-person conferences, company retreats, and the like. When travel is necessary, OSI covers all expenses.


To qualify for an OSI internship, you must be:

  • 18 to 29 years old,
  • Passionate about OSI’s mission,
  • Committed to independent thinking,
  • Eager to work with and learn from others,
  • Seriously interested in a career as an intellectual (e.g., writer, speaker, teacher).

Dates and Schedules

You may apply for an OSI Internship at any time, and work schedules are flexible. If you are awarded an internship, we will work with you to create a start date and schedule that suit you.

How to Apply

Applications involve two parts:

  1. Submit either a 500-word essay or a two-minute video explaining why you want the position. Articles should be submitted as Google Docs. Videos should be uploaded and shared with us on YouTube (they may be unlisted).
  2. Submit one or two samples of your writing, spoken content, video content, or the like. Articles should be submitted as Google Docs, videos shared on YouTube, and audio-only files shared as MP3 files.

Email your application, including links, files, and/or accompanying documents, to [email protected] with the subject line, “Internship Application.” If we think your application is promising, we will contact you to schedule an interview. If you are granted an interview, within a week after the interview, we’ll let you know whether you’ve been awarded an internship.

OSI has already awarded one internship, and we currently have openings for two more. If you would like an internship, I recommend that you apply soon. And if you know young people who might be interested in this program, please forward this email to them (or direct them to OSI’s Internship page).

If you would like to support OSI’s internship program, please make a donation. No educational organization advances your values more effectively. And we greatly appreciate your support.

I’m excited to announce @ObjStdInstitute’s new Internship program for people aged 18 to 29 who are interested in a career advancing the ideas on which freedom and flourishing depend.
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