Editor’s note: This piece is republished from the Level Up blog at TOS’s sister organization, Objective Standard Institute.

During October 2021, environmentalist “protesters” affiliated with the “Insulate Britain” movement twice blocked the M25, Britain’s busiest motorway. The reaction from the British police has been absurd. They’ve given these rights violators multiple polite warnings and allowed them to block the road by sitting in front of traffic for hours before any arrests were made.

The “protests” directly resulted in, among other things, a woman suffering permanent life-changing paralysis from a stroke because they blocked her route to the hospital. Another woman had to be air-lifted to the hospital following a serious car crash caused by the disruption. Both protests caused six-hour delays, preventing thousands of people from getting to work and damaging countless businesses at a time when many are struggling to recover from the COVID-19 lockdowns. . . .

The M25 “protests” organized by @InsulateLove show the anti-human morality that underlies the environmentalist movement.
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