Exciting news! Cal Newport—author of Deep Work, Digital Minimalism, and the forthcoming A World Without Email—has joined the roster for TOS-Con 2021, this July in Boston.

In his talk, "Your Superpower for Success in a Distracted World," Dr. Newport will discuss principles and practices for engaging in deep work, concentrating without distraction, and pushing your cognitive capabilities to their limit.

This ability, he argues, "is a superpower in the multi-tasking, Internet-obsessed 21st-century economy." To the extent you develop it, you have a distinct advantage in life. Newport will provide tried-and-true ideas and strategies for developing this advantage and achieving your most ambitious goals.

Come learn directly from one of the greatest productivity thinkers in the world. And be sure to let your friends know about this amazing opportunity.

TOS-Con is a conference for people who want to sharpen their minds, fuel their souls, excel in life, and fight for liberty. It will take place July 21–24, 2021 alongside the picturesque Charles River and will be a short Uber ride from all of Boston’s museums, historic attractions, and fine dining. Scholarships are available to young adults aged 18–29.

See you this July at the most life-enhancing conference of the year!

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