I love the holiday vibe during the few weeks before Christmas: the fir-scented candles, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra holiday music, Christmas lights, hot chocolate, and ads. Wait, what? Yes . . . advertisements.

The root word of “commercial” is commerce. And the root of commerce is the Latin com, meaning “together.” Fittingly, great advertising doesn’t just sell products, it brings us together!

Here are my picks for the top five Christmas ads of all time:

#5 “Misunderstood,” Apple (2013)

A loner kid is addicted to his phone when everyone else seems to be having fun. Why can’t he just put down the damn phone and spend time with his family? In this 2013 ad, Apple brilliantly inserts its product into a heartwarming story that brings the whole family together . . . literally. . . .

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