In response to my article “Life in No-Lockdown Sweden,” some people argued that the Swedish government’s approach to COVID-19 has caused an unnecessary number of deaths and that the Swedish government has, as one commenter put it, “failed its people.”

Comparing the “COVID-19 death rate” in Sweden to that in other countries carries with it all manner of problems, which I detailed in that article. Different countries record deaths with COVID-19 in different ways, and no one knows the actual death rate from COVID-19 in any country. Nonetheless, per-capita death rates with COVID-19 in Sweden and some other European countries—countries that implemented strict lockdowns—are now evening out. For instance, the United Kingdom and France are currently reporting daily COVID-19 death rates in the four hundreds, while Sweden, with its almost complete lack of mandatory restrictions, has continued to report daily figures of near zero throughout October and into November. . . .


1. There are a few other examples of countries that avoided heavy lockdowns, but many of these, such as Belarus and Turkey, are serial rights violators in other respects.

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