A little more than ten years ago, American cartoonist Molly Norris drew a spool of thread, a domino, a teacup, and a few other inanimate objects and gave them names. After Norris’s drawings became public, Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki ordered a fatwa—an order for Muslims to kill her.1 Norris offended Muslims by her whimsical drawings with the headline, “Will the Real Likeness of the Prophet Mohammed Please Stand Up?”2 Her goal was to jump-start an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” event, encouraging participants to draw the founder of the religion. This is forbidden under Islamic law, but not in the United States.3 Norris knew that jihadists wouldn’t be able to kill everyone who participated, and so she thought there was little threat.4 However, al-Awlaki singled out Norris. The FBI then suggested she go into hiding.5

And so she did. Norris was forced to shed her identity and walk away from the life she had built for herself. She has yet to resurface. . . .


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