Kudos to eighteen-year-old CJ Pearson for his excellent narration in his first PragerU video (see below).

Pearson aptly recounts what happened on 9/11 and correctly identifies a cause of the attack. But he does not identify the fundamental cause.

Let’s zero in on that.

As Pearson explains, terrorists attacked America on 9/11 not because they “disagreed with America’s Middle East policy”—and not because they were “poor and hopeless” (they were from wealthy or middle-class families)—but because they despised America’s values, especially its freedom.

But this raises the question: Why did they hate America’s freedom? What caused this hatred? The answer to this question will bring us to a deeper level of understanding and, perhaps, help us to prevent further atrocities of this sort. . . .


1. It’s worth noting that acceptance of faith as a means of knowledge caused even more harm after 9/11, as it retarded the thinking of many Americans, including American presidents, who accept faith as a means of knowledge. It blinded the faithful to the otherwise clear truth that religion—the source of the demand that people accept ideas on faith—was responsible for the atrocity. President George W. Bush, for instance, insisted after the attack that “Islam is peace” and a “noble faith.” This led him to use kid gloves on the Islamic theocracies that sponsored the jihad, notably Iran and Saudi Arabia. And President Barack Obama said that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance” and that “Islam is not part of the problem” but “an important part of promoting peace.” He, too, left the state sponsors of Islamic jihad untouched.

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