Created by Joss Whedon
Starring Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Gina Torres
Released by Fox, 2002
Episodes: 14
Most episodes rated TV-14 for violence and mild language

Author’s note: This review contains spoilers for several episodes of Firefly.

Although Firefly ran for less than a single season and has been off the air for nearly twenty years, it remains one of the most intensely beloved television shows of all time. Its odd (yet oddly believable) fusion of American and Asian culture is charmingly unique, as is its space-age presentation of themes most commonly seen in 20th-century Westerns.

The show follows freelance smuggler Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds and his ragtag crew, including war veterans, mercenaries, and fugitives. Prior to the first episode, Mal and his first mate, Zoe, fought together on the losing side of a war against the Alliance, an authoritarian interplanetary government. After the war, Mal bought a dilapidated Firefly-class transport ship, which he christened Serenity, and continued to resist the Alliance by running contraband. Throughout the series, Mal and his crew fight for justice and their own freedom, although they occasionally make questionable or downright indefensible decisions. . . .

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