TOS-Con 2020 is less than three months away (July 29–August 1), and we’re increasingly excited to see everyone there for a celebration of freedom and flourishing. We also remain optimistic that we will be able to hold the event.

In the meantime, Active-Mind Scholarship applications continue rolling in, and we are delighted with both the quantity and quality. 

Here are the latest winners—congratulations to all!

Jacob Blanchard
Joseph Caso
Chetan Bafna
Jobke Visser
Tobias Strandlyst
Phoenix Walker
Ella Pham
Irakli Iagorashvili
Kelly Guevara
Kavin Rasmussen
Yelyzaveta Mostova
Anastasiia Pavliuk
Taras Pohrebniak
Alyona Kara
Ani Itonishvili
David Itonishvili

Sally Michael
Yelyzaveta Pidopryhora
Joshua Ozovehe
Felix Hosse
Crew Froebel
Anatolii Didyk
Lika Buchunteli
Mykhailo Lavrovskyi
Maksym Shyrochenkov
Daniel Lubkin
Leopold Ajami
Tekla Gilashvili
Dmytro Usik
Benedikt Heiland
Gabriel Mitchell
Karen Cabrera
Mariana Hrushka

We’re still accepting applications, but act quickly—the deadline to apply is June 10, 2020.

About Active-Mind Scholarships

If you will be between the ages of 18–29 at the time of the conference (July 29–August 1), you are eligible to apply for an Active-Mind Scholarship.

The scholarship includes:

  • Travel expenses (up to $600)
  • Hotel (4 nights)
  • Tickets to the opening and closing banquets and dance

How to Apply

Simply answer these two questions—either in writing or in a short video:

  1. Why do you want to attend TOS-Con 2020?
  2. Which presentations are you most excited to attend, and why?

Written submissions should be no longer than 500 words total. Video submissions should be no longer than three minutes in length. Email your submission to [email protected] with the subject line "Active-Mind Scholarship."

The deadline to apply is June 10.

Learn more and apply for an Active-Mind Scholarship to TOS-Con.

TOS-Con Refund Policy

If for any reason the event is cancelled or you personally cannot attend, your conference registration fee will be refunded in full up to July 29, the day the conference begins.

TOS-Con will not refund unused travel tickets, so please book your travel with refundable tickets or cancellation insurance.

Congratulations to this second round of Active-Mind scholarship recipients! We’re still accepting applications, but act quickly—the deadline to apply is June 10, 2020.
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