Although economic and social restrictions are easing in some parts of the world, most of us aren’t yet seeing the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. Here are twenty more uplifting, inspiring, and/or philosophically valuable works of art to keep you going for the next month or two.


Lost Enlightenment by S. Frederick Starr
By and large, Central Asia is underappreciated in the tapestry of history. In Lost Enlightenment, historian S. Frederick Starr takes readers on a fascinating journey through Persian, Turkish, and Iranian history from 800 to 1200 AD, a period in which many brilliant thinkers and artists made heroic advancements in architecture, economics, poetry, literature, mathematics, and many other fields.

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
Writing a novel that appeals both to children and adults is extraordinarily difficult, but Katherine Paterson did it admirably with Bridge to Terabithia. The book tenderly explores an unlikely but deep friendship between two children who build an imaginary kingdom in the forest and inspire the adults in their lives to reconsider their beliefs about the practicality of dreaming big. . . .

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