TOS-Con 2019 is just 20 days away! Linda Cordair, co-owner of Quent Cordair Fine Art in Napa, CA, will be speaking on “Finding Joy and Inspiration in Visual Art.” I recently spoke with Linda on the importance of finding and collecting art that you love. Here’s part of our conversation.

Tim: What are some of the important values that people can gain from art, whether collecting it or viewing it in a gallery or museum?

Linda: The values available through art are some of the deepest spiritual rewards obtainable. Experiencing art we love is one of the things that make life worth living. The value that art can provide is comparable (in magnitude, if not in nature) to the values we seek in friendship and romantic love: The joy and pleasure of experiencing, in the most intense and personal way, a sense of the world as it could be and should be. I think we owe it to ourselves to figure out what kind of art brings joy to our souls and to pursue it however we can.

If we don’t experience art that we love now and again, we risk running low on one kind of very important emotional fuel. Filling our homes and workplaces with art we love is one way to keep us spiritually fulfilled and motivated to pursue our other values.

Tim: What are some of the standards by which you evaluate art for your store or your own collection?

Linda: In both cases, the art must be well-executed, technically proficient, stylized representationalism, which, by the way, means that the art represents some discernible subject. It’s not mere decoration. We champion beautiful, uplifting, figurative art—art that honors and celebrates man for what he is, at his best, in body, mind, and spirit—art that celebrates man’s creativity and productivity.

Tim: Art is rarely cheap, at least if we’re talking about originals. What options are out there for people on a limited budget?

Linda: If you can only spare a few minutes a day to find a photo of a painting or sculpture on the internet that lifts your soul in some way, that’s wonderful—and free. If you can afford an inexpensive poster of a beloved work to tack on the wall, that’s a great way to start your collection. Quality giclée prints of paintings and limited-edition castings of sculptures can bring you even more enjoyment (and they don’t always cost as much as you might think).

An original painting or giclée print can be like an ever-present window into a favorite world—providing a view that always uplifts and brings pleasure. Sculpture is a bit different from paintings; it can only be fully enjoyed and appreciated in three dimensions. Seeing a sculpture on a computer screen simply isn’t the same. Owning a sculpture you love can be almost like having a real person with you in the same room. Unlike a real person, however, a sculpture is always at its best. It never tires or sags emotionally.

For those looking for a budget-friendly way to acquire art, Quent Cordair Fine Art offers a unique program called Club Cordair. Members open an account with us and can save as little as $50 per month toward eventual art purchases, and enjoy access to discounts and special offers. We also offer layaway plans and free consulting services aimed at helping you find the right piece and display in a way that helps you get the maximum pleasure from it.

For more on life-enhancing art and to see some amazing works in person, be sure to attend Linda’s talk at TOS-Con 2019 and stop by the mini gallery. Bryan Larsen will also be speaking on “Optimism in the Visual Arts,” so if you haven’t yet registered for TOS-Con, do so today. And if you’d like to experience some soul-fueling art right now, browse the Quent Cordair Fine Art gallery online.

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