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Have you heard?

  • “Only a fool would deny that climate change is leading to disaster.”
  • “Only a xenophobe would advocate the screening of immigrants.”
  • “There can be no honest denial of the existence of God.”
  • “There can be no honest acceptance of the existence of God.”
  • “Only a misogynist would deny a woman’s right to abortion.”
  • “Only a philistine could fail to see the profundity of Duchamp.”
  • “Only an idiot would vote for Trump.”

Such assertions rarely are made so bluntly or forthrightly. More often they are insinuated (“Really? You don’t get Duchamp?”) or conveyed via facial expressions or other nonverbal means (a grimace, a glare, a wide-eyed stare). But you no doubt have heard such claims and encountered such expressions in one form or another. And you likely have seen people back down or change their positions in response.

Why? What’s going on here? . . .


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