The long-awaited documentary, “A Little Candle,” about Lisa VanDamme’s remarkable school, VanDamme Academy, is now available on YouTube (it’s also posted below).

Here’s what Lisa said about the film upon its release:

As the school's founder, I have often been asked when I am going to start a new school, or a high school, or a franchise. About a decade ago, I made a firm, personal resolution that I wouldn't. Instead, I wanted to focus on refining—and enjoying—this one little school.

I did, however, want to do something to add our voice to the discussion of education reform. I often write about education, but I realized that to really have a feel for what is distinctive about VanDamme Academy, there is no substitute for walking its halls.

This film is the closest substitute. It captures important elements of the school's curriculum and culture, offering a glimpse into life at VanDamme Academy and the impact it has on the lives of its students.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you will share it with parents, teachers, and advocates for education reform, to inspire them with a unique vision of how to make our schools better.

The fact that VanDamme Academy exists—and that now, thanks to this documentary, anyone, anywhere can see what makes the school so special—is cause for celebration. It means that all parents and educators who want to see what a proper, conceptual education looks like can. Of course, the film doesn’t show everything involved in a VanDamme-type education. But it shows the essence of such an education. It shows the soul of such a school. It provides parents and educators with a reason to inquire further and to seek or create this kind of learning environment.

That’s a lot of light.

The film is just an hour long, and it is delightful. Check it out, share it with friends, and share it with every parent and educator you know.

Congratulations to Lisa and the whole crew at VanDamme Academy—and thank you all for doing what you do!

This film shows what a proper, conceptual education looks like, and it provides parents and educators with a reason to seek or create this kind of learning environment.
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You can watch the full documentary here.

Lisa VanDamme, VanDamme Academy

Lisa VanDamme, VanDamme Academy

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