I am so looking forward to this. —Lisa VanDamme

“For me, the most exciting part will be interacting with those who attend.” —Alex Epstein

TOS-Con 2019’s speakers are set. The schedule is up. And you are invited to the most life-enhancing conference of the year.

Please join us in Park City, Utah, August 7–10, for an intense examination of the principles and practices on which freedom and flourishing depend.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Alex Epstein will speak on “The Human-Flourishing Framework: A Powerful Tool for Clear Thinking”
  • Andrew Bernstein on “The Trader Principle and the Harmony of Rational Values”
  • Bryan Larsen on “Optimism in the Visual Arts”
  • Chad Morris on “Basic Principles and Pitfalls of Fitness Training”
  • Craig Biddle on “Keys to Intellectual Independence: Your Basic Means of Thriving” and “Purpose X: A Tool for Understanding Objectivism and Using It to Thrive”
  • David Crawford will teach a “Beginner Lindy Hop Workshop”
  • Isaac Morehouse will speak on “How to Create a Career that Makes You Come Alive”
  • Jon Hersey on “John Locke: The Father of Liberalism”
  • Lisa VanDamme on “Enrich Your Life with Poetry”
  • Mark Pellegrino on “Cinema for the Soul”
  • Richard Salsman on “‘Democratic Socialism’: The Whitewashing of Evil”
  • Robin Field on “How Music Conveys Meaning” (a lecture & performance)
  • Tal Tsfany on “When Technology Meets Philosophy”
  • Tim Chermak on “The Morality of More: How Advertising Inspires Us to Be More Productive, Make More Money, and Achieve More Happiness”
  • Timothy Sandefur on “How to Lead an Enlightenment Life in an Anti-Enlightenment World”

This year, in addition to the mainstage talks, we’ll have an hour of breakout sessions, during which presenters will lead discussions on a variety of subjects from “How to Launch an Intellectual Career or Side Gig” (Jon Hersey), to “Finding Joy and Inspiration in Art” (Linda Cordair), to “Parenting with the Principle of Volition” (Sarah and Craig Biddle). Additional breakout sessions will be announced soon.

Sharpen your mind. Fuel your soul. Excel in life. Fight for liberty.

If these are your goals, this conference is for you.

All of the speakers look forward to engaging with you there.

See you in Park City!

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