Quent Cordair Fine Art will have a gallery onsite at TOS-Con 2019, and co-owner Linda Cordair will host a breakout session titled, “Finding Joy and Inspiration in Visual Art.”

Art is fuel for the soul—a fundamental ingredient for a happy, productive, flourishing life. By the nature of the scenes and figures they depict, visual arts such as paintings and sculptures can ignite our imaginations, reveal possibilities, and inspire us to reach greater heights.

Linda Cordair specializes in helping people discover and acquire such life-affirming art. Attend her breakout session for a discussion about finding artworks that will provide you and your loved ones with a perpetual source of spiritual fuel.

Linda and Quent Cordair will also display paintings, sculptures, and prints by a variety of artists including, Bryan Larsen, Jon Wos, Danielle Anjou, Pablo Larsen, Karl Jensen, Nick Gaetano, Holly Crocker Garcia, Han Wu Shen, Danny Grant, and more. Preview the gallery here, and if there’s an artwork you’d like to see in person at the conference, let Linda know by emailing her here.

Linda will also be offering the gallery’s signature “White Glove Art Experience.” During these in-depth tours, participants will be able to touch several sculptures while learning about the artists and how they created these works.

Tours last thirty to forty-five minutes, are limited to six people, and cost $20. To reserve your spot, email Linda here, and include “White Glove Tours” in the subject line. You’ll walk away with a new outlook on sculpture and a memento from the gallery.

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