REASON #1: TOS-Con 2019 will be the most mind-expanding, soul-fueling, life-enhancing conference of the year. For an indication, here’s what attendees said about last year’s event:

“Every talk was intellectually exhilarating.” —Julian

“The intellectual development I experienced is immeasurable.” —Oscar

“The integration of the presentations was fantastic! They all had a common thread . . . very actionable . . . extremely valuable.” —Celeste

“The topics wove together to make a fascinating tapestry of ideas that were practical and immediately applicable.” —John

“I loved that the speakers were around and available for informal chats.” —Ryan

“All the speakers spoke at a level that was challenging yet very approachable and understandable . . . I was also blown away by how kind and thoughtful the attendees were . . . I can’t wait for next year!” —Leisa

REASON #2: “Next year” is here! And speakers this year include Isaac Morehouse, Alex Epstein, Lisa VanDamme, Mark Pellegrino, Bryan Larsen, Richard Salsman, and many other top thinkers and communicators. (Check out the complete roster at

REASON #3: Topics this year range from tools for clear thinking, to principles of fitness training, to how music conveys meaning, to how to create a career that makes you come alive, to the importance of purpose in thinking, living, and loving life. (Check out the full program at

REASON #4: It’s in Park City, Utah! The beauty of Park City is breathtaking, and the attractions range from fly fishing to hiking to ziplining to summer-time “bobsledding” (if you dare!).

REASON #5: With early-bird pricing—which is still available—you’ll save 20 to 50% on registration. These discounts expire on March 15, and the clock is tickin’.

I hope you’ll join me, our fabulous speakers, and hundreds of active-minded, life-loving people for the event of the year.

Save 20 to 50% on registration today. You’ll reap the benefits for life. —Craig Biddle

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