Religionists (and existentialists) claim that meaning and morality can’t exist in a godless, purposeless universe.

In order for your life to have meaning, they say, there must be something greater or more important than you—something in service of which your life has meaning. And in order for objective morality to exist, they insist, there must be a God who issues commandments and thus sets an objective standard for right and wrong. As Ben Shapiro puts it, “There is a purpose out there, and it’s our job to uncover it—as opposed to self-creating it.” And as Dennis Prager claims, “If there is no God who says, ‘Do not murder’ . . . murder is not wrong.”

This week on Craig Biddle Live, I’ll discuss these and related confusions, and explain how meaning and morality are born not of external or “supernatural” purposes, but of human purposes—which do not depend on anything greater or more important than human beings.

The episode will be broadcast live on TOS’s Facebook page this Wednesday, January 10, beginning at 7:30 pm EST (4:30 PST).

I hope you’ll join us for the show! —Craig

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