The failure of Republicans to repeal Obamacare—despite public support for repealing it—marks yet another large-scale demonstration of how morality, not lobbying or machinations or economic arguments, controls government policy.

And it’s the morality of altruism, tragically, that’s thwarted Republicans again.

An earlier instance was the Gingrich-led “Republican revolution” of 1995. The American people had swept in a Republican majority in Congress, because they liked Gingrich’s “Contract with America,” which called for some heavy-duty reining-in of government power and looting.

President Clinton was “triangulating”—that is, capitulating to the Republicans. But two words from the intellectual establishment stopped the movement: “mean-spirited.” The Democrats and the media chanted “mean-spirited” endlessly, and altruism worked its black magic.

This time, there’s no two-word package, but it’s the same idea: Any rollback of parasitism hurts the parasites. Parasites will be unable to suck blood. Unthinkable. . . .

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