There is a division of labor with respect to the spread of ideas.

Philosophers, economists, journalists, and the like specialize in identifying, conveying, and applying the ideas on which human life, political freedom, and prosperity depend (or at least they’re supposed to). Other people work in other vital areas, creating and distributing the material goods and services we need in order to live and thrive—food, medicine, technology, and so on.

We at The Objective Standard specialize in clarifying and concretizing the principles of Objectivism (and rational philosophy in general) and applying them to the cultural and political issues of the day. To do so, however, we need financial support from people who understand the importance of what we do and want us to continue.

Below is a letter I mailed last week to our friends, subscribers, and supporters about TOS’s mission and business model, and about why we need financial support over and above subscription revenues in order to do what we do. If you’ve not yet read the letter, please take a moment to read it now. And if you appreciate what TOS does and want us to continue reaching and moving minds, please make your most generous contribution today.

Thank you for your consideration.

Craig Biddle

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Help TOS Fight for Your Values

Dear Friend of TOS,

I’m writing to ask for your help in fighting for your values. . . .


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