I recently discovered that a full performance of Robin Field’s Reason in Rhyme: A Philosophic Oratorio is available online. (Warning: It’s an hour long, and if you start watching you won’t be able to stop.)

Anyone familiar with Robin’s work knows that to say this is worth watching would be a profound understatement. For those unfamiliar with his work, here’s an indication by way of a few excerpts transcribed from the performance. The excerpts, however, cannot begin to do justice to this man’s brilliance as a thinker and entertainer. If you want justice, you’ll simply have to enjoy the video (see below).

Here are a few excerpts to whet your whistle. These first few stanzas are from early in the performance:

Why should you study philosophy
With all there is to pursue?
Simply because your philosophy
Underlies all that you do

Why bother checking your premises?
Why should you make that a goal?
Premises can be your nemeses
If they’re not under control

What is regarded as knowledge
Is garbage we’ve got to outgrow
That which is taught in our colleges
Ain’t necessarily so . . .

Field then proceeds to review the history of philosophy—in poetry and song. And he weaves basic principles of Objectivism seamlessly and humorously into the mix.

Here’s another excerpt:

Existence is an axiom
Upon which all else rests
Regardless of who says so . . .

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