Muslim Profiling is Not Racism but a Moral Necessity - The Objective Standard

If neo-Nazis engaged in a series of assaults against Jews and blacks in New York City, would the NYPD be justified in patrolling neighborhoods known to be heavily populated by neo-Nazis in order to solve the crimes and prevent future attacks? Of course it would. Would the profiling implicit in this practice be an instance of racism? Of course not.

Likewise, if communists engaged in a wave of vandalism against businesses in Los Angeles, would the LAPD be warranted in patrolling neighborhoods known to be heavily populated by communists in order to identify and apprehend the vandals? Of course it would. Would the LAPD’s focus on communists be an act of racism? The question is silly.

The same holds true when Muslims engage in ideologically motivated assaults against Americans in U.S. cities: The FBI, local police departments, and other security agencies are justified in patrolling neighborhoods known to be heavily populated by Muslims in order to identify and apprehend those involved in or linked to the attacks. Security agencies are justified in recognizing and acting on the fact that Muslims are more likely than non-Muslims to be involved in the assaults. And such profiling is not racism. It is commonsense defense of the rights of Americans.

Contrary to the evasions of leftists, Islam is not a race. It’s a religion. It’s a chosen set of ideas—just as Nazism and communism are chosen sets of ideas. One key difference is that, unlike those ideologies, Islam is the ideology of our current military enemy.

Given that Islamic jihadists (sponsored and encouraged by Islamic regimes) have murdered thousands of Americans and aim to convert or kill all of us—and given that Islamic scripture explicitly orders Muslims to convert or kill infidels—U.S. security agencies are not merely warranted in profiling Muslims; they have a moral and legal responsibility to do so. They should regard neighborhoods with large Muslim populations as potential hotbeds of jihadist activity, and they should regard Muslims in general as suspicious for embracing the murderous ideology of the enemy that seeks to murder us.

(Relatedly, the U.S. government has a moral and constitutional responsibility to eliminate Islamic regimes that sponsor jihad against America. That responsibility is discussed in depth here, here, and here.)

If people choose to embrace irrational ideas that call for rights violations—as Muslims do regardless of whether they act consistently in accordance with those ideas—then, when they are treated accordingly, they should not be surprised.

If Muslims don’t want to be legitimately regarded as potentially involved in jihad, they should renounce Islam and embrace rational ideas instead. Doing so would improve their lives in every other respect as well. At least it would so long as devout Muslims don’t murder them for apostasy. That grim possibility underscores the nature of the Islamic beast and the commonsense need to profile Muslims.

Until Muslims choose to stop taking Islam seriously, or are forced to stop doing so, Muslim profiling will be a practical and moral necessity for lovers of life and liberty. We should accept this fact and articulate it unapologetically.


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