Summer 2015 Cover

Summer 2015 CoverThe ebook and html editions of the Summer issue of The Objective Standard have been published. (The audio edition will be posted by May 28.) If you’ve not yet subscribed to the journal, subscribe today for as little as $29 and get instant access to the current issue as well as TOS’s entire nine-year archive.

The contents of the Summer issue are:


U.S. Foreign Policy: What’s the Purpose?
Craig Biddle
Examines the aims of and arguments for “idealism” and “realism,” and presents the case for an alternative foreign policy that may be called “egoism.”

The New Testament Versus the American Revolution
James Valliant
Shows that (contra conservatives’ claims) the impetus for and actions comprising the American Revolution directly contradict Christian scripture.

Lessons of the Armenian Genocide
Andrew Bernstein
Examines the history of and motive behind this underreported atrocity, finding the cause to be a combination of mysticism (Islam) and collectivism (racism).

A Parable for Thomas Piketty
Ari Armstrong
Visit an island of primitive fisherman, where Grok (an innovator) and Pike (an egalitarian) elucidate a fundamental absurdity of modern leftist “economics.”

Bosch Fawstin on Islam and Jihad
Interviewed by Craig Biddle
Fawstin discusses the jihad in Garland, TX, his work as a cartoonist, and what drives him to do what he does. Accompanied by three of Fawstin’s drawings.

Ryan Holiday on Turning Obstacles to Advantages
Interviewed by Kirk Barbera
Marketing strategist Ryan Holiday discusses how to turn obstacles to advantages, which is the theme of his best-selling book, The Obstacle Is the Way.


Good to Great, by Jim Collins
Reviewed by Kirk Barbera

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, by Benjamin Franklin
Reviewed Kirk Barbera

The Obstacle Is the Way, by Ryan Holiday
Reviewed by Kirk Barbera

Start with Why, by Simon Sinek
Reviewed by Kirk Barbera

The Story of Art, by E. H. Gombrich
Reviewed by Daniel Wahl

The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing, by Anthony Ryder
Reviewed by Daniel Wahl


A Most Violent Year, directed by J. C. Chandor
Reviewed by Ari Armstrong

Whiplash, directed by Damien Chazelle
Reviewed by Ari Armstrong

The Imitation Game, directed by Morten Tyldum
Reviewed by Ari Armstrong

The Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson
Reviewed by Ari Armstrong

The Theory of Everything, directed by James Marsh
Reviewed by Ari Armstrong


Dr. Avijit Roy: A Man of Reason Murdered by Jihadists
Craig Biddle

Libertarians: “Terrorism Poses No Existential Threat to America”
Craig Biddle

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Clarion Call for Islamic Reformation
Craig Biddle

Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign Launch: Good and Bad
Craig Biddle

Religious Freedom Laws vs. Equal Protection of Rights
Ari Armstrong

Rand Paul’s Presidential Campaign Launch: Good and Bad
Craig Biddle

Gwyneth Paltrow’s SNAP Food Stamp Farce
Ari Armstrong

Marco Rubio’s Presidential Campaign Launch: Good and Bad
Craig Biddle


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