TOS Spring 2015

TOS Spring 2015The html, ebook, and audio versions of the Spring issue of The Objective Standard have been published and are accessible to subscribers. For promotional purposes, we’ve made the html version of the cover article, “Islamic Jihad and Western Faith,” accessible for free. Enjoy the issue, and let your friends know about the journal for people of reason.

The contents of the Spring issue are:


From the Editor


Islamic Jihad and Western Faith
Craig Biddle
Examines the root of Islam, the notion that faith is a means of knowledge; compares and contrasts faith with man’s actual means of knowledge, reason; and shows that to accept faith as a means of knowledge is to aid and encourage jihadists at the most fundamental level possible.

Islam vs. Free Speech
Ari Armstrong
Discusses the conflict between the two with respect to the Islam-motivated Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, recounts various other Islam-motivated assaults on freedom of speech from around the world, and argues that “Muslims will continue to react violently to ‘offensive’ speech until one of two things happens.”

Piketty’s Rickety Assault on Capital
Richard M. Salsman
Dismantles and dispatches Thomas Piketty’s arguments against free markets and the principle of rights, including the “fuzzy math” in Piketty’s alleged laws of capitalism.

Circumcision in America
Joseph R. England
Traces the history of and rationales for nontherapeutic circumcision, sheds medical and ethical light on the widespread practice, and argues that Americans should take a principled stand against it.


The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, by Alex Epstein
Reviewed by Ari Armstrong

The Frackers, by Gregory Zuckerman
Reviewed by Earl Parson

Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials that Shape Our Modern World, by Mark Miodownik
Reviewed by Daniel Wahl


The Pope’s Sin and Brittany Maynard’s Choice to Die
Ari Armstrong

Conservatives’ Collectivist Case against Assisted Suicide
Ari Armstrong

The Inhumanity of Laws against Doctor-Assisted Suicide
Michael A. LaFerrara

Government’s Vile Assault on Google
Ari Armstrong

The Government’s Renewed Assault on Private-Sector Colleges
Michael A. LaFerrara

Answering Objections to Assisted Suicide Laws
Ari Armstrong

Eric Garner’s Death Highlights the Need to Repeal Illegitimate Laws
Stuart K. Hayashi

Smith College President Says “All Lives Matter”; Racist Left Goes Ballistic
Ari Armstrong

How Will the U.S. Government Respond to North Korea’s Apparent Acts of War?
Ari Armstrong

A Conservative’s Muddled Thinking on Ayn Rand and Property
Ari Armstrong

Is the NYPD’s Work Slowdown Good or Bad?
Ari Armstrong

Obama’s “Free” Community College Scheme
Michael A. LaFerrara

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Enjoy the issue, and be sure to let your friends know about the journal for people of reason.

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