In her dissenting opinion to the Supreme Court’s recent decision that Hobby Lobby and other businesses may decline on religious grounds to offer insurance covering certain types of birth control, Ruth Bader Ginsburg claims that the ObamaCare insurance mandate regarding birth control ensures “that women employees receive” birth control “at no cost to them.”

Ginsburg’s remark is simply bizarre. Birth control doesn’t fall from the sky like manna from heaven; it must be produced, and it costs money. Women who get birth control via insurance either pay for it via higher premiums, or, if their insurance is legislatively subsidized, get it for “free” only in the sense that others are forced to pay higher premiums (or higher taxes) than they would otherwise pay. In that latter case, the birth control is still not free to those who allegedly receive it for free; it comes at the expense of fidelity to the principle of rights, which is bad for everyone. . . .

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