New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada recently legalized online gambling following a 2011 Justice Department ruling that allows it. But a proposed federal bill aims to reverse that ruling and ban online gambling nationwide. As reports, Senators Lindsey Graham and Dianne Feinstein “would reimpose a long-standing interpretation of the federal Wire Act that held betting over the internet violated the law.”

Las Vegas casino operator Sheldon Adelson, an outspoken supporter of the proposed ban, claims online gambling “targets the young, the poor and the elderly where they live” and “crosses the line of responsible gaming.”

But the existence of online gambling, like any other form of entertainment, does not force anyone to engage in it. Each individual can choose to gamble online—or choose not to. (Existing laws forbid those under twenty-one to gamble.) And those who gamble can choose to do so responsibly or irresponsibly. . . .

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