ObamaCare violates the rights of doctors, patients, and insurers, and is throttling the lives of tens of millions of Americans in myriad ways. One way to fight for the repeal of this monstrous law is to capture and explain aspects of the law or efforts to implement it in pithy one-liners that show the sheer evil and absurdity involved. Consider a few examples:

  • Regarding the catastrophe of the online “exchanges,” radiologist Paul Hsieh writes in a letter to the Washington Post: “So the White House counts as Obamacare enrollees ‘those who simply picked a plan and put it in their online shopping cart’ but have not yet paid for it. Do I then get to count as having paid my taxes if I’ve filled out my 1040 form but haven’t mailed in my check?”
  • Discussing the desire of government and union employees (among others) to be exempted from the law, Mark Steyn writes, “It’s a very strange law whose only defining characteristic is that no one who favors it wants to be bound by it.”
  • A classic line ominously describes the waivers: Under the law, all people are equal, but some people “are more equal than others.”
  • I summarized the ObamaCare “fix” announced November 14 this way: “Obama was for people keeping their health insurance before he was against it, but now he’s for it—and he’s promised to be against it again soon.”
  • Obama ran on the slogan, “Forward.” Given all his reversals with respect to ObamaCare, a more appropriate slogan is “Backward is the new forward.”

As more aspects of ObamaCare take effect, it will lead to greater and more widespread rights violations and disasters, and its absurdities will become increasingly evident. One effective way to fight for the law’s repeal is to mock it by capturing and revealing its nature in short, precise statements.

What’s your best line for pointing out an evil or absurdity of ObamaCare?

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Creative Commons Image: Kevin Burkett

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