Suppose your lost keys could send you a signal to tell you where they are. An innovative new product called Tile promises to enable your keys to do just that by communicating with your digital phone via Bluetooth technology. And the Tile works not only with keys but with purses, computers, bicycles, pets, children—anything to which you can attach the small device.

Even more interesting is that, although a Tile has a communication range only of a few dozen feet, Tiles can communicate with other Tiles and with a Cloud network, meaning that other people’s Tiles can help locate your Tile and tell you where it is. This would be useful, for example, if someone steals something of yours in which you’ve hidden a Tile.

Although it’s too early to tell whether Tiles will take off in the marketplace, this is just one small but wonderful example of entrepreneurs working on a life-enhancing idea and bringing their product to market. If the company that produces Tiles (Reveal Labs) is successful, its owners will make oodles of money, its employees will gain security in their jobs, and its customers will live better lives.

Congratulations to these capitalists for developing this innovative product.

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Image: Tile

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