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At the fifth annual Tax Day Tea Party in Chicago, Jonathan Hoenig delivered an excellent speech on the principles of Americanism and the need to return to them.

Focusing on what made America unique in history, he pointed out what it means to be free and what it means to be enslaved, and he made one crucial point after another with crystal clarity. For example, regarding the meaning of freedom:

In a free nation, the government does not regulate citizen's lives. It doesn't tell you what type of health insurance you have to buy, it doesn't tell you what type of light bulb you have to put in your home, it doesn't tell you what size soda you have to buy. You're free to make those decisions on your own.

And regarding what we should fight against and what we should fight for, Hoenig accentuated the positive:

We should fight against taxes. We should fight against regulation. But what we should fight for is Americanism: individual rights, the rebirth of the self-interested, individualistic American principle that regards each of us, not as sacrifices for “the greater good,” but as sovereign individuals, each with our own life, our own liberty, and our own happiness. If this country is to survive, that is the Americanism we must fight to revive.

Watch Hoenig’s speech below, and share it with your freedom-loving friends. This is a message everyone should hear.


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