Last Sunday, the Light Brigade, headed by Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress (CIP), traveled to Washington DC to counter the Sierra Club’s “climate rally.” What was the Sierra Club & company’s target de jure? The Keystone XL Pipeline. What is their ultimate enemy? Industrial civilization and the life-serving technology it consists of and depends on.

As Epstein explains, the Sierra Club’s “climate rally” is actually “a blackout rally, as the Sierra Club opposes all practical energy sources–fossil fuels, nuclear, and hydro.” In a press release, Epstein elaborates,

The Green establishment’s real enemy is the high-energy, industrial civilization that keeps our lights on. But by exploiting good people’s concern about a healthy environment, they are advancing their blackout agenda.

That’s why CIP’s team of energy experts is leading a Light Brigade to come to the event and educate our fellow citizens. We will explain how if you look at the big picture, fossil fuels are an amazing boon to human life. They have helped make today’s environment the healthiest one ever.

Scientists, engineers, and businessmen in the energy industry create and supply the lifeblood of modern civilization. Without cheap, reliable energy from fossil fuels—and without the countless products that are actually made of oil—our environment would be filthy, inhospitable, and dangerous.

Not only would there be no automobiles or airplanes or clean and efficient heating and cooling; not only would there be wood-fire smoke billowing out of hovels in which people were trying to cook food and stay warm; not only would there be horse dung lining the streets and attracting flies; there would be no plastics or cell phones or computers or bicycle tires or heart valves or ballpoint pens or thousands of other products that we rely on to live and prosper.

Shame on the Sierra Club and everyone involved in the “climate rally.” And kudos to Alex Epstein, CIP, and everyone involved in the Light Brigade for standing up for industrial civilization and against the worshipers of filth and darkness.

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